Be the Shield

ZVerse is a digital manufacturing ecosystem that brings together makers with the designers, materials and manufacturers they need to bring their products to life. We are utilizing all our processes, relationships and technology to meet the urgent need to shield our healthcare professionals fighting COVID-19.

One million face shields this month

We have established a strong domestic supply chain that is ramping up to produce one million professionally engineered ZShields this month. Our professionally engineered ZShields are compliant with Class 1 devices as listed under the emergency order. They protect the face, mouth, and eyes from spray and splatter. The one-size-fits-all shields are easy to assemble and clean. Request a quote to learn more about pricing, quantities and lead times.

Fast delivery to the front lines

ZShields are made in America, meaning there is no international shipping delay. We are focused on shielding our heroes on the frontlines as quickly as possible.